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The ED & PetSmart Event Your Furry Friend Wishes They Attended

The ED & PetSmart Event Your Furry Friend Wishes They Attended

Well do I have some exciting news to share with you. My new pet collection launched at PetSmart! It’s called the ED Ellen DeGeneres pet collection because, well, I’m Ellen and it’s my pet collection. Didn’t make sense to call it Dr. Dingledorf’s pet collection, now did it!

We had a big party in New York City to celebrate the launch. Unfortunately I couldn’t be there because I had to tape my show in Los Angeles (something about “contracts” and “a lot of people relying on me”), so instead I sent a life-size cardboard cutout of myself. I’m gonna be honest, a lot of the pets in attendance didn’t know the difference. Did that hurt my feelings? It did a little bit.

(Note to self: Try sending cardboard cutout of myself to Thanksgiving dinner.)

Manny the Frenchie at the #EDbypetsmart Event

The party was a huge success. A lot of celebrity dogs were there, including Manny the Frenchie, who (diva alert!) insisted on being waited on hand and paw. And the event lasted for hours, which in dog hours is like 3 years. Needless to say, the pups went home with some of my fabulous doggy beds so they could get a good night’s rest. So did some of their owners. That’s how comfortable the beds are.

 ED Ellen DeGeneres Pet Products at the #EDbypetsmart Event

Now, I know I’m going to sound biased when I say this, but it’s just a fact. My pet collection features the most adorable outfits, toys, collars and leashes that you will ever see in your whole entire life. Mic drop, end of story, don’t you dare fight me on this. There’s something for everyone – the love collection for those pups who are into romance; the sports collection for active, playful dogs; the nautical collection for your sophisticated pups who love to sail on the open sea; even the summer camp collection for those pups that like to lounge around in the sun all day and do absolutely nothing. (Just mine?) 

ED Ellen DeGeneres Pet Bed at the #EDbypetsmart Event Featuring Itty Bitty the Griff and Ralphie

You can check out the full collection at PetSmart stores and at And find us on Instagram using #EDbypetsmart if you want to spend the rest of your day looking at insanely adorable pictures of dogs in cute outfits. I’m talking tails wagging, tongues out, ears perked, happy pups. I don’t even know how I’m still writing this right now. I have to go see the latest posts!

Until next time…

Dr. Dingledorf