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From My Home To Yours

From My Home To Yours
Hello blog readers! It’s me Ellen and I’m here to tell you about all the fabulous things happening at ED - the comings and goings, the wheelings and dealings, the inside scoop, the low down, the real deal, the whoseewhatsee and the what-for.
I have spent the past two years carefully curating the ED Ellen DeGeneres home collection and I am THRILLED to say the entire collection is ready to launch! I’m talking furniture, I’m talking bedding, I’m talking everything for the kitchen but the kitchen sink itself, an expression I’ve never been able to use so literally and so excitedly.
You need beautiful dishes? I’ve got ‘em. You need adorable mugs? Look no further. Comfy sheets? Over here, pal. Throw pillows? Don’t throw me any shade because I have those, too! Throw blankets? Duh! Oven mitts, you ask? Yes, you fool! I have everything you need!
Let me tell you a little bit about each collection.
I’ll start with the furniture because in my experience that’s the first thing people notice when they walk inside your home. Well, that and the stink.
My furniture collection features two distinct, hand-crafted collections. The relaxed mid-century collection has Italian and Danish elements, while the more rustic, modern collection is inspired by my love of Scandinavian antiques. I love all of it because it’s unique and beautiful but also serves a great purpose. Kind of like the dragon fruit or David Beckham.

My tabletop collection is exactly what it sounds like – a collection for your tabletop. Aren’t I clever? I absolutely LOVE it because each piece has the word “love” right on it, so everything you serve will be served with love. If you’re like me, everything you serve will also be served slightly burnt and with the faint taste of cinnamon for no reason whatsoever.
As for my rugs and bedding collections, if you like napping on soft surfaces, both of these things are for you. Many of my rugs are even stain resistant so if you have pets or children or just live with a mess of a person then these are a great solution.
You can explore the full ED Ellen DeGeneres home collection here. And when you’re there be sure to tell me I sent you!


Until next time,

I’m Ellen