SEPTEMBER 04, 2022

Instagram Roundup: Home Favorites

Interior designers and home style experts love using our home décor, lighting, bedding and tabletop wares to adorn different parts of their home to create a mood. Here are a few images from designers we love, featuring ED by Ellen and ideas on how they use them. Tag us on Instagram @edbyellen for a chance to be featured!

Jana and Andrew Porter @TheTexasAframe

Jana and Andrew have thoughtfully added ED décor throughout their vacation home, which truly feels like a retreat from the world! “With the A Frame located in the heart of the Hill Country, we focused on designing the home where the beauty of the landscape shines throughout the interior of the space. With a natural and minimalistic design aesthetic, we intentionally choose decor -- like the ED by Ellen pillows and throw blanket and Oakdell rug -- that add dimension to the space through the mixture of texture and color.”

Taylor Beagle

Taylor is one of our favorite home stylists and DIY experts. Follow her on Instagram for inspiring tips on reinventing vintage finds. She also works within a dreamy neutral color palette, favoring pops of color.“I chose the Whare Pendants because they are warm, classy, and timeless. I love the look and feel that they bring to my home. The brass is the most perfect tone and I couldn’t be happier with them! I feel like they truly set the mood for my space!”

Jessie Tate @cien.interiors

Jessie creates an inviting environment in the bedroom by layering textiles in complementing hues with contrasting textures. If an afternoon nap was on the to-do list we’d seek solace in this calming Los Angeles bedroom. The Sateen Solid sheets are a great backdrop to the Pinstripe Natural Blanket and Toluca throw. The result is an effortlessly beautiful bedroom that is timeless and feels like the perfect place to retreat from the summer heat.

Sarah Tallman @SarahMTallman

Sarah is an interior design expert who loves incorporating an element of design into food for entertaining and is best known for her grazing boards. She loves using our cutting boards as the canvas for her edible works of art. Her entertaining love language is a creatively set table filled with people who get lost in conversations for hours. Her dinner parties are not ones to miss.