APRIL 25, 2021

Lulu's Oscar Night Special

The 93rd Annual Academy Awards Show is tonight! The Producers Steven Soderbergh, Jesse Collins, and Stacey Sher promise that it will be different than anything you’ve experienced before while watching the Oscars. It will be more like a movie than a TV show and the program will tell a story of this year's nominees. If there’s anything we’ve gotten really good at in the last year, it’s watching movies. Here are some ideas to prepare you for this year's Oscars.


IMAGE CREDIT: Peter Stackpole / The Life Picture Collection/Getty

A Classic Hollywood Cocktail

Why not make a signature cocktail for your Oscars viewing party inspired by the Golden Age of Hollywood - and its biggest stars. Veranda has a round-up of cocktail recipes inspired by the likes of Ginger Rogers, Greta Garbo, Charlie Chaplin and a few more.


Watch the Oscars Like a Pro

Our friends at the Today Show have a whole play-by-play of how to watch the show, what to expect (including the surprises and snubs everyone loves to read about) and who is hosting this year. Spoiler alert: no one!

IMAGE CREDIT: Dean Treml / AFP via Getty Images

Make Your Predictions for the Oscars With This Sample Ballet

We love this Oscars ballot from our friends at Rotten Tomatoes because they’ve included their famous Tomatometer scores and audience scores next to each nominated person or film. Even if you didn’t see one of the movies (though, you probably did), you’ll get a sense of what others thought of it! Which is kind of what we use to decide if we want to see something anyway. Don’t think of it as cheating, think of it as getting by with a little help from your friends!


Get Your Popcorn Ready

If the awards are more like a movie this year, why not make some gourmet popcorn of your own. This article in Taste of Home has 21 fun (and some are easy) popcorn recipes. Just find us enjoying recipe 18: Movie Night Munchie Mix.

Movie Night Munchie Mix from A Taste of Home