MAY 02, 2021

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is coming up and we know not everyone has a mom or is a mom, but it can be a day to honor women in our lives who have cared for us, mentored us or have a special meaning in our life. We’ve pulled together a few ideas for unique gift ideas for these ladies who add so much to our world.


Dinner’s Ready and She Doesn't Have to Cook!

Sakara offers food delivery of their ready-to-eat plant-rich super meals to your door, nationwide. There are meal delivery programs for a nutrition reset, detoxes, or supplements, teas and healthy snacks. This is great for gifting – especially because she doesn’t have to cook!

Perhaps Some New Dinnerware to Dine on?

Another great meal subscription service made with organic whole fruits and vegetables is Daily Harvest. Choose from smoothies, bowls, soups or flatbreads. They arrive to your door ready to blend or heat up! You can get her started with a gift card so she can build her plan!

Become an at-home Barista  

If the pandemic taught us anything when coffee shops closed down, it’s that we had to learn to make our own. So many people took on the role of barista and had fun with it. Our friends at Delish have a roundup of best coffee makers with grinders. That’s right, if you want to be a true professional, you have to grind your own beans!

For that perfect cup of Joe, you’ll need new mugs.

Did She Get a “Pandemic Pet”?

The hottest trend in the last year was picking up a new pet during the pandemic. If she got a puppy or kitty that she’s obsessed with, you know she’ll welcome a gift for her new fur baby! Check out our pet collection.

Say it With Flowers but Keep Talking.

Yes, a delivery of flowers is great. But why not go a little bit extra with a flower subscription service? Flowers boost our moods and keep things feeling fresh, and with a flower subscription, there’s something to look forward to! Our friends at The Spruce tested the best services from Bouqs to Farm Girl Flowers.


Who Doesn't Love a Gift Card?

When in doubt, the ED gift card is the perfect gift. Let her choose from lighting, rugs, pillows, accessories or candles. It’s her day, she can get whatever she wants!