MAY 30, 2021

The Summer To Try New Things

As the pendulum swings toward summer, we’ve created the concept of a “to try” list. It’s the no pressure version of a “to do” list and a fun way to keep track of all the new things you want to try this summer. We’re prioritizing more outdoor time, game playing, reading and entertaining. Here’s a few ideas to get you started.

Make a Grazing Platter Like A Pro

Just in time for summer we have new serving boards. Whether you use them like a cutting board to prep meals or as a platter to display your grazing spread to guests, there’s a shape, size and use for all of them. Curate your own mix of snacks with ideas from Greatist ranging from meat + cheese to veggie or vegan. Snap a pic and tag us on Instagram @EDbyEllen.


Bring back the Board Game

Give Candy Crush or Cards Against Humanity a rest for a while and venture into board games this summer. NY Mag asked the most enthusiastic board gamers to rate their top picks ranging from classics like Clue and Monopoly to abstract strategy games like Blokus Strategy Game that involves no luck or chance, just real mental agility and creativity (and kids love it). All the reviews note if it’s good for kids or mixed groups, so you have no reason to be bored.

Think outside of the Gym Membership

Many of us haven’t been to a gym in a while and now that it’s getting nicer out, we can wait a bit longer before going back. Get creative with these outdoor workout ideas from The Unconventional Route, using things found in nature like rocks or sand or physical structures like stairs or playground equipment. Have fun building strength and endurance so when you go back to the gym you’ll really show ‘em.


Your Summer Reading List

Each month Reese Witherspoon picks a book to highlight with a woman at the center of the story as part of Reese’s Book Club. She has compiled a list filled with great finds for your summer reading -- from Untamed by Glennon Doyle to Infinite Country by Patricia Engle.