JUNE 06, 2021

The Morning Ritual

Experts stress the importance of a nighttime ritual to prepare you for bed in order to maximize your sleep. Equally important is how you wake up. What you do within the first 10 minutes of waking up could set the tone for your entire day. So, here are a few ideas to create a waking up ritual!

Break the Snooze Habit

We love reaching for snooze, but the more we press, the more time we waste and it actually messes up our body’s rhythm and lowers our energy for the day. There’s a way to break the snooze habit in 5 seconds. Author and motivational speaker Mel Robbins wrote a book called The 5 Second Rule, which basically states that when we have an instinct or idea, we have 5 seconds to act on it before our brain kills it or we just don’t do it. The beginnings of the 5 second rule came from Mel using it to get out of bed as soon as she woke up.

When that alarm goes off, begin counting yourself down for 5 seconds – as if you’re a rocket ready to launch. 5-4-3-2-1 turn off the alarm and get right out of bed. It worked for Michael Bonnell – read his Medium article.

New Bedding = Better Sleep

Another way to wake up refreshed is to have a good sleep. The National Sleep Foundation found that 73% of people who change their sheets at least once a week report having better sleep. So keep those sheets clean. Also choose bedding that make you happy, so your bed is more of a special destination. If your bed needs some new life, check out our new arrival, The Harvest bed.

Intentionally Make Your Bed

When you were growing up did anyone tell you, “Successful people make their beds everyday”? They weren’t just saying that to trick you into making your bed. Experts say that people who make their beds are better at completing tasks throughout the day, get more done and making your bed lowers anxiety and improves mood. Our friends at The Spruce give 5 reasons why bed-making in the morning sets you up for success.


But First, Gratitude

Most of us mindlessly wander toward our morning coffee before we can even think of anything else, but why not add in some gratitude first. Gratitude is the act of giving thanks for things you appreciate or are thankful for. There are tons of studies that prove expressing gratitude makes you happier, more resilient, more likeable, and can add years to your life. Grateful people have stronger immune systems and get sick less – also proven.

After you blast out of bed, thinking of 3 things you are grateful for or excited about directs your feelings and emotions in a positive direction. And yes, coffee can be one of your 3. Boost that mood further by drinking out of a mug that has a positive word or statement.

Do a Little Dance Before You Head to Your Inbox

If you wake up and immediately go to emails or social, that tends to create anxiety. Motivational Expert Doug Marshall recommends starting your day by putting on a song you love and doing a little dance before anything else. The movement will wake you up, get your blood flowing and can counteract stress that we sometimes feel upon awakening, when our mind jumps straight to the to-do list for the day. Scientific studies back-up the power behind a simple dance for boosting your mood and emotions which sets your day up for success. Even 30 seconds or a minute is more than enough.

If you need some motivation to get moving, tWitch got suited up on The Ellen Show and danced with The Motivational Warriors.