JUNE 13, 2021

Brimming With PRIDE

Happy Pride Month! Not only is our brand’s founder, Ellen DeGeneres gay, but several team members are part of the LGBTQ community so this month has a lot of meaning for the ED team. Here are a few ideas for celebrating and staying involved to keep equality moving forward.

Be A Part of Progress

Pride month isn’t just about waving a rainbow flag and celebrating. It’s about honoring the history of the LGBTQ community’s movement toward equality and an opportunity to reflect on how there’s still more work to be done. There are parts of the world where it’s illegal to be gay, and people in our own country experience bullying, violence or marginalization on a daily basis. As part of Yahoo’s Pride Evolution Series, GLAAD’s CEO Sarah Kate Ellis gave great tips on how to support the LGBTQ movement – whether you’re a member of the communities or an ally. Biggest takeaway: As you show up for Pride month, it’s important to consider how you’re showing up beyond the month of June.

Pride Parades Are Back

We’re excited that Pride Parades and events are back in swing for many cities this year after being put on hold or canceled in 2020. Whether you want to march, celebrate on the sidelines or show your pride, Mashable put together a list of all the cities that are hosting activities.

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Yep, I’m Gay

In her Netflix comedy special, Relatable, Ellen talks about a dream she had about a finch, who was her pet, in a cage. When the finch went in the cage, Ellen realized that the finch was her. The bars were wide enough for the bird to fly away, but the bird felt safe in the cage. Yes, this is a metaphor for staying “in the closet”. In the dream, the bird flew from the cage – freeing itself and Ellen woke up and knew she had to come out. This was in 1997 and while she knew there would be a cost to going public about being gay (career, relationships, perhaps respect), the greatest opportunity cost of all would be not being herself. This article in The Advocate talks about the bumpy road that followed Ellen’s coming out journey, but how it was all worth it.


Love is Love

At ED we believe love is love, love wins and everyone deserves to be loved. We have a few tee’s that amp up the Pride Energy. Friend of Ed @Jake.Bain, LGBTQ+ Advocate wears our Love tee.

The Rainbow Cake!

Erin Jeanne McDowell showed us how to make the most fun, festive and delicious rainbow cake via NY Times Cooking. Here’s how our version panned out (pun intended) and if you’re up for the challenge, watch Erin’s video to make your own!