FEB 4, 2021

Valentines Day Round Up

We’re heading into the Season of Love, aka Valentine’s Day. Whether you love it or dread it, here are some new ways to embrace Valentine’s Day that aren’t all about romance!

First of all, if you did Dry January, congratulations.

Second, if you’re saying bye to dry tomorrow, our friends at Casa Dragones Tequilia have free flowing cocktail recipes on their Instagram TV:

Leave it to Oprah Mag to come up with 35 unconventional Valentine’s Day ideas that are virtually (pun intended) Pandemic safe and not all require a significant other.

Choose your own adventure for Valentine’s Day with Goldbelly. They have Valentine’s Day dinner specials from some of your favorite places delivered right to your door. If you only want desserts, that’s OK too. We’re eyeing the Spill Your Heart Out Cake from PieCaken Bakeshop. Prefer to do the cooking? They have live cook-alongs…The only thing they don’t do is your dishes.

Maybe that romantic trip to Paris you’ve been dreaming about it on hold. That doesn’t mean you can’t keep dreaming about it on our I Love Paris sheets. Not only are they fun, they will keep your future trip front of mind, which we’re told is the key to manifesting it. If you’re not into Valentine’s Day, feel free to sleep through it.