July 04, 2021

A Tablescape To Dine For

An online influencer recently joked, “Tablescaping is a competitive sport…” It’s hard to disagree with that, as creating the perfect table involves three things that are universally loved: Food, Flowers and eclectic tableware (plates/bowls/platters/glasses). Creating a table that is both celebratory and photogenic is no small feat. Here are a few tips from the experts to get people to your table.

Pick A Staring Point!

Friend of ED, Deborah Shearer from Table & Dine told Iconic Life: “The first step in planning or designing a tablescape is choosing the perfect color combination, theme, pattern or mix of all the above. There is always an element of surprise, which might be anything from a small stack of color-coordinating books, something from the ocean or a detail guests will appreciate and remember.”

We took some of Deborah’s tips to create our own 4th of July tablescape with red, white and blue accents.

Read more tips from Deborah and other tablescape tastemakers:

Mix & Match

Gone are the days where everything has to be matched perfectly. Just ask Eddie Ross. He’s a designer, stylist, TV personality and founder of Maximalist Studios who wrote Modern Mix: Curating Personal Style with Chic & Accessible Finds. He makes an art of mixing and matching colors, patterns and eras in a tasteful way. Modern Mix is a 101 on collecting modern and antique pieces to create a beautiful and eyepopping environment that screams personality, not hoarder. Whether you’re going thrifting, to a flea market or Sotheby’s he’ll tell you the do’s and don’ts. Also, his Instagram will get you in the mood to transform your environment: @eddieross

The Grazing Board

If you’ve been scrolling Instagram there’s no way you’ve missed a grazing board. For some reason this concept feels so hot right now; maybe because we’re getting back in the swing of entertaining and nothing says party like a party platter. What looks like it would be so easy to create, is as intricate as putting together that 1,000 piece puzzle you started in the beginning of the pandemic. It’s has to be tasteful, artful, delicious and photogenic. If you’re a beginner, we love Suzanne Lenzer’s book Graze: Inspiration for Small Plates and Meandering Meals. It’s not just about putting it together for the sake of doing it, but shares the benefits to piecing together small plates that follow a theme and aesthetic that turn into an enjoyable meal.


The Flowers

The first guests to your entertaining table should be the flowers! They can set the tone and color scheme. These days it can be less about the one centerpiece and more about the roaming nature of several arrangements. To save money and tap into your creative intuition, DIY flowers can be fun.

Lory from @Designthusiasm thinks outside the vase by favoring simple things like mason jars or old wine jugs with a few flowers in each to intersperse color throughout the table. It’s all about creating height and layers. It’s ok to have a mix of taller and shorter arrangements. We recently put Lory’s philosophy to use by putting some wildflowers from the garden into a carafe and it worked perfectly at the breakfast table. Get inspired with Lory’s suggestions for summer flower tablescapes.