AUGUST 22, 2021


We’re nearing the end of August which means summer is winding down and we’re headed “back to school” or work is ramping up after what may have felt like a summer slow down. This can lead to feelings of anxiety or “future tripping”, where you’re thinking more about what you have to do than being in the present moment. We have some tips to keep you in the here and now, while enhancing your mood so you can enjoy each day!

Get Good Sleep

The number one thing that can enhance our mood is a good night’s sleep and the truth is, most of us are not getting that. Blue light emitted from TV’s and devices (which are often consumed before bed) affects our sleep. Then thoughts about the “to-do” list waiting for us in the morning can keep us up at night.

A good place to start improving sleep is creating a pre-bed routine. Sarah Moe is a registered polysomnographic technologist, meaning she’s a sleep expert. In this article she talks about small things you can do to get better sleep: Like reduce your blue light intake and prepare for bed as if you’re landing a plane.

Make Your Bed a Destination

Give yourself a reason to get excited to get into bed. Like new bedding. Studies show that if you invest in bedding that is comfortable or makes you happy, it can improve your sleep.

Move Your Body

The quickest way to shift your mood is to move your body. An active body settles the mind and takes it away from thinking about the future. It also releases endorphins; your body’s own happiness hormone.

We’re loving Monique Crous’s virtual classes at Hot HIIT because they are quick, impactful and you don’t have to invest a lot of time. Yes, a 35 minute high intensity cardio class with stretching can make your whole day.

Cuddle With a Pet

Either you or someone you know has a pet or got one during the pandemic. Did you know pets are natural mood boosters? According to this article in the Wall Street Journal, looking at an animal, spending time with a pet or cuddling with one promotes the flow of a hormone called oxytocin (dubbed the love hormone), which decreases our heart rate and fosters feelings of wellbeing and relaxation. Even if you don’t have a pet, spending time with someone else’s can help elevate your mood.

Create a Zen Zone in Your Home

Creating a spot in your home for a time out, whether it be for reading, meditating or just closing your eyes is a great retreat to have. This article in Westchester Magazine has 5 tips on where to begin, like reducing clutter and distractions and picking “low impact colors” to promote relaxation. Perhaps invest in a nice throw, some pillows in soothing colors and a rug to ground the space.


Find Solace in Your Bathroom

Think of your bathroom as a sacred space, where you can go to escape the rest of the four walls of your house (and people you may live among). If you need to renew the space to make it more cozy or brighten it up, something as simple as a new bathmat, towels in neutral colors or a new shower curtain completely remake your bathroom environment.