SEPTEMBER 26, 2021

The Summer Bucket List

Right now, we’re bombarded with messages of summer ending soon. While it may feel like the days are slipping away, you technically have until September 22nd. That’s three and a half weeks, so if you need a few ideas of things to see, do or try before we officially hit fall, keep reading.

Dine Al Fresco as Much as Possible

After what felt like months of being indoors, we’ve tried to spend a lot of this summer outdoors. It’s fun to create a loungy outdoor living room vibe by adding in pillows and throws or getting creative with table settings. Whether it’s a simple gathering with family or friends or a full-on dinner party, we’ve got lots of things to create a homey environment outside.


The Summer Bucket List

Did anyone actually make a list of things they wanted to do for summer of 2021? If not, our friends at Pop Sugar created the “Summer Bucket List”, filled with great ideas for activities to do before the summer ends. Like get fresh produce from a farmer's market and try a new recipe. Perhaps you did a few of these things (like go to a concert or amusement park) but there’s plenty of ideas in here to add a couple more to your list.

Try a New Recipe

One of our favorite foodies, Jackie Just (@justbloomed on Instagram) has kept the recipes flowing all summer. It’s fun to head to your local farmers market and pick out fresh produce and then try new dishes. We’re loving her Stuffed Poblano Peppers recipe.



Take a Road Trip

If there’s one thing the pandemic brought back into style, it’s the road trip. If your social media feeds are filled with amazing road trip photos and you’re getting the itch to hit the road, it’s not too late. For a cross country jaunt or a weekend trip up north to peep leaves, we’re loving Road Trippers. You put in your starting point and ending point, trip length, and it suggests possible routes and cool things to do along the way. Some days you do no driving at all and others you might be riding all day – you decide.