OCTOBER 31, 2021

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween. We really love this season surrounding Halloween. You get fall colors of deep reds, yellow and orange – coupled with pumpkins that are fun for carving or making pies or spiced lattes. Most favorite of all are the costumes - especially the ones Ellen surprises us with yearly. Here’s your round up of all our favorite things about Halloween.

Ellen’s Costumes!

Each year we wait with anticipation to see what Ellen will dress up as for Halloween. Being the last Halloween show, we were curious what direction she would go in. This year, she rolled into the future on a motorized scooter as future Ellen, giving us a glimpse of what life might look like on the other side of the farewell season.

Want to see how Ellen Outdoes Herself Every Year?

Pets on Halloween Really Steal the Show

We love seeing everyone of all ages in costume, but we have to admit, seeing pets dress up is our favorite. Of course our favorite ED team member, Lulu the pug, put on her finest for Halloween, while embracing sweater weather.

House Proud on Halloween

Along famous Route 66 (you know, where you get your kicks), you’ll find the Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas. A group of artists who called themselves The Ant Farm took 10 vintage Caddies and buried them nose first into the desert. It’s now a piece of public art and a major tourist attraction along this route. The best part, feel free to bring your own can(s) of spray paint and tag it. This ever-changing installation is colorful, retro and inspiring.

What About all the Left Over Pumpkins?

If you’re seeing a bunch of pumpkins in the market that didn’t sell to become jack-o-lanterns, scoop some up and upcycle them into a recipe that calls for pumpkin. Our friends at AllRecipes have many ideas like pumpkin soup, a pie, pumpkin bread…you get the idea.