FEB 14, 2021

Happy Valentines Day

We’re here for all things love this week; from relationship stories that inspire us, getting grandma level comfort via a podcast, learning our love language or settling down for a moment without distractions. Here’s how we’re finding love…

"We Put Our Relationship First"

This week Ellen and Portia are the cover story for the People Magazine Love issue. They open up about the unshakeable bond they’ve formed in their 12 year marriage and how they’ve learned that true love conquers all. Click to read the full story or find on newsstands now!

Scenes from a Marriage,

Patinkin-Style via NY Times:

Perhaps one of the silver linings of the pandemic is finding humor in everyday life, and also unexpectedly finding yourself caught up in watching other people’s everyday lives. Like actor Mandy Patinkin and his wife Kathryn Grody – whose son Gideon captured rare glimpses of their everyday relationship banter on video and shared them online. They now have a cult following. Read this NY Times piece:

Call Your Grandmother:

Thoughts of grandmas evoke comfort, nostalgia and really good stories. These days we need more grandma energy in our lives and we’re found our source. Rose Kaye is 90 years old and just launched her hilarious podcast “Call Your Grandmother”- she’s the Jewish grandmother we all need. Produced by Academy Award winner, Meryl Poster, it’s everything you’d hope for and more.

Do You Know Your Love Language?

Maybe you’ve seen the memes saying “Pizza is my love language”? But what is a love language? In his 1992 book, Gary Chapman wrote about the five general ways that romantic partners express and experience love. For instance, if your significant other buys you flowers but you really want them to do the dishes, you are speaking different love languages. Take this quiz to learn more about what you value.

Stop and smell the roses:

Even though we’re mostly at home during the pandemic, we sometimes find it hard to slow down. Between Zoom meetings and an overabundance of screen time, it can be draining. Sometimes making time for tea, lighting a candle and just taking a beat can re-up your mood. Here are some ideas to spice up your zen den.