NOVEMBER 14, 2021

Holiday Entertaining

As we head toward holiday season a lot of us have entertaining on our mind. Whether it’s a big family style meal or an intimate gathering at home, you can really set the tone by thoughtfully considering your table scape, your flowers, your decor and your food. We asked design and entertaining experts their top tips to help you make the most of holiday gatherings at home..

The Table Setting Sets the Tone

Gina is a decor, DIY and entertaining expert; the tablescapes she creates are the ones you want to be sitting at. She begins her table settings with a neutral pallet and from there you can build on it. “Minimal dinnerware and serving pieces are a great foundation for any tablescape. Anything you put with them goes, no matter the season or occasion!"

Here she mixed and matched our Taupe Stripe collection with her own placemats and linens among vintage inspired glasses, simple flowers and elegant candles. She doesn’t overload the table so the food can be the standout. “Add in different textures and layers for interest, while allowing the colors of food to bring everything to life". This is especially true at holiday meals like Thanksgiving, where the sides like cranberry sauce or different color squashes really pop!

Make the Most of Sleep

Jackie Just is a foodie who loves creating recipes and is also very passionate about flowers, as her Instagram handle @justbloomed would suggest. She curates her tablescapes as if they are a garden – never just one centerpiece, but several floral moments. Jackie gets creative by upcycling bottles or wine glasses for the flowers and finding glasses for votive candles at second hand stores. “This summer we visited a distillery in the area and I asked for empty bottles to put daisies in.”
Before she heads to the flower market she will forage her yard to see what she can use. This could include herbs, branches, fruits or wildflowers. For this table she layered in natural rocks that she found around the property for texture. Nothing is off limits if you can make it look intentional.

Layers and texture are important and don’t overload with color. “Keeping it simple is the key. Never use more than three colors is my motto.”
For her autumnal themed table she mixed dahlias with fall fruits or gourds throughout the table, strategically placed on our Gramercy Stripe table runner. She likes the simplicity of our white brushed glaze dinnerware to create a clean pallet for the food.

The Entryway Makes the First Impression

Karen Emile believes the entrance to your home speaks volumes about what is yet to come. Especially during the holidays when you want people to feel at home in your home! She chose the Brea Macramé fringe rug to adorn her entryway because it immediately greets with a passionate welcome.

To add ambiance to your home’s entry point, try a new rug, a decorative throw on a bench or hang a market tote on a coat rack for a “my house is your house” vibe. Thoughtful details like that make a great impression.

Stress-Less Holiday Planning

Yes, planning holiday gatherings can be fun, but let's not minimize that some people find it stressful to entertain, whether it's getting timing right for a meal with multiple sides or "keeping all your guests happy". This article in the Washington Post has so many useful tips like Make-ahead dishes, grazing boards, asking for help or building in self-care so you can feel present with your company.