JANUARY 09, 2021

Welcoming The New Year

Happy New Year and welcome to 2022. We're excited to be in a New Year and holding onto optimism that the last two years have made us more flexible, resilient and open to what may come our way! We’re looking beyond resolutions and traditional self-care in order to just focus on feeling good one moment at a time while enjoying our surroundings.

What’s on your 2022 “Play List”?

We're taking a different approach to the concept of New Year's Resolutions this year. Brené Brown, our go-to for living a “wholehearted” life, says instead of resolutions, we should make it a goal to play more in the New Year. In all of her research she found that people who were the happiest and felt most fulfilled carved out regular time to play or do hobbies that were fun. So, what’s on your “Play List”?

Reinventing Self-care

Sometimes when we hear the term “self-care” it can be really cringy. It can trigger unrealistic visions of bubble baths and bon-bons or extended meditations and juice cleanses. The average person says they don’t have time for self-care. This article in Well+Good clearly outlines the benefits of just one hour of self-care. And it doesn’t have to be every day. Ideas for tapping into “me time” are grouped into six buckets so you can choose your own adventure.

More Quality Bed Time in 2022

Perhaps your 2022 self-care involves making the choice to hang out in bed more without guilt, whether it be reading/sleeping or scrolling. Maybe invite kids and pets into the bed to hang out. But make the bed when you leave! Studies show that people who intentionally make their bed are more productive and successful. Friend of ED Rachel Bastos (@liferachel8 on Instagram) considers her bed a haven and regularly styles it in ways that make her happy – like our Textured Geo Duvet and adorable cat sheets.

What’s on Your Watchlist?

Not to bring up TV yet again, but it has been a comfortable go-to in the last many months, or years! And with awards season ahead of us, now is a great time to catch up on some shows you either missed or haven’t heard of yet. This article in the New Yorker give a recap of the best of 2021, including some of those reality shows you can’t stop watching.

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