JANUARY 16, 2021

Designers With Bright Ideas

Interior designers and home décor experts love using our lighting to adorn different parts of their home or to create a mood in their projects. Here are a few images from designers we love, featuring our lighting crafted by Generation Lighting. We asked them why they chose the fixture they did or how it adds to their space!

The Haymarket Pendant

Kevin Brost and Ian Hampton, the couple the @walkerspointitalianate Instagram account are first time homeowners undertaking a restoration of a 150 year old home in Milwaukee’s historical Walker’s Point neighborhood.

They chose the Haymarket Pendant for their dining area with very distinct reasoning. “We’re planning a kitchen addition off the back of our dining room that will have a more industrial feel. This fixture was the perfect piece to bridge the two more traditional and industrial spaces.” – Kevin

The Whare Sconce

Jon Call of @mrcalldesigns did a large commercial project that had an elegant modern deco feel, adding in our Whare sconces throughout.

“With so many options on the market, the one thing that consistently sets the lighting by ED apart is the design. The collection is curated in a way that the fixtures work in both traditional, transitional and contemporary environments. I specifically chose the Whare sconce for this recent project because I hadn’t seen anything else like it on the market. It was a unique and understated accessory to the design that brought so much personality.” – Jon

The Brianna Sconce

Anna Lee Rose of @annaleerosedesigns loves incorporating a lot of color and patterns into a room to bring it to life – which is why she chose this stunning wallpaper for a recent project’s powder room. She coordinated the color of the Brianna sconce with the sink hardware for a polished gilded look.

"My clients and I selected the Brianna sconce because of its elegant curve and how the white linen shade allows just the perfect amount of light through to illuminate the space. This combined with the other elements in the powder room make this space a crowd pleaser!" - Anna Lee Rose

The Dunne Pendant

Doug Marshall from @theworldofdoug moved to a new home in Los Angeles and decided to turn his dining room into an office/den. He wanted a light fixture that didn’t look like a chandelier that belongs over a table. He opted for the Dunne Pendant to complete the look.

“It’s almost 3 feet wide so it creates this beautiful canopy over the room that draws all the elements together. This room is very colorful so the neutral shade offers a calming presence. You’d never know this was a dining room.” – Doug