FEBRUARY 20, 2021

Kitchen Spotlight

The kitchen is arguably the most important room in the house. It’s where food is prepared, which gives us the fuel we need to make it through the day. It’s the first place we head to in the morning (especially if you’re a “but first…coffee” type of person) and it’s where we end up in the evening. And at parties people mysteriously always gravitate toward the kitchen. It’s where we spend a lot of time. With that in mind, we created an extensive dish and table top collection, including kitchenware. Also, our lighting often ends up in kitchens and even our pillows and throws. This week, we’re taking you inside of some of our favorite kitchens with some of our favorite foodies and interior designers!


Melissa Lee & Ashley Sussman

Interior Designers from @NewSouthHomeText

Heath Wide Pendants from Generation Lighting
“We chose this light for this kitchen because of its classic modern style and the mix of brass and white finishes. It was the perfect complement to this new custom home located in a trendy neighborhood in the traditional South.”

Katie Kath

Katie adorned this replica original 1920’s banquette with some pillows and a throw to add to the cozy ambiance of this nook. Adding some textiles give this old-world style a modern touch while transforming a kitchen area to a space where you want to lounge.



Liza Rooprai

Blue Chevron plates from Royal Daulton
Liza is one of our favorite foodies because she’s passionate about food and doesn’t always follow a recipe. She goes with her instinct. When asked for this recipe of pan seared eggplant with a garlic sauce made with yogurt, garlic, lemon and salt she responded, “It was a spur of the moment recipe” which means it was an inspired creation.

Elizabeth & Lindsay Fair

The Jane Wall Sconce from Generation Lighting
“We love the clean, modern lines of ED Ellen DeGeneres lighting. We’ve received so many compliments about these Jane wall sconces!”


Jackie Just

Kitchen Decor
Jackie is a foodie, floral arranging expert and gracious entertainer. After a beautiful kitchen renovation last year, she stocked the new space with our linens, the Boceto rug from Loloi and dinnerware by Royal Doulton. She makes good use of the market tote to bring home flowers and fresh produce.


Interior Decorator from @HomeSweetBeit

The Whare Pendants from Generation Lighting
“I chose the antique mirror to achieve a rustic yet timeless and elegant look for my basement bar. The Whare pendants from ED Ellen DeGeneres were chosen to complement the mirror and bring an element of boldness.”