MARCH 13, 2021

Every Hour of Daylight Counts

Break out the sunglasses because we just got back another hour of daylight -- which means spring is coming, golden hour shines brighter and we’re going to be spending more time outdoors. Here are some ways we’re taking advantage of extra daylight!

Blinded by the Light

As we head toward spring the sun is still at a relatively low angle, making sunglasses very necessary if you’re driving or out walking. You’ll notice this most around golden hour, which is the first hour after sunrise and the last hour of light before sunset. The sun at that angle can be blinding. Beyond being stylish, our high quality lenses lower glare and protect your eyes from the UV rays

There’s Still a Chill in the Air

For the most part, sweater weather will be behind us soon but there’s definitely a chill in the air in the morning and evening. Our sweatshirts and fleece can take the cold edge off – especially if you’re spending more time outdoors.

Spend More Time Outdoors

After what felt like months of being indoors, we’re ready to head outdoors. It’s fun to create a loungy outdoor living room vibe by adding in pillows and throws or getting creative with table settings. Whether you’re heading outside to relax, read or host a simple gathering with family or friends, we’ve got lots of items to create a homey environment outside for you to enjoy.

Watching the Sunset can Improve Your Mood

Many of us love catching a sunset, but did you know there are countless scientific studies that found enjoying a sunset can improve emotional wellbeing, help us feel more connected and enable us to be more generous? This article in Psychology Today gives some compelling reasons to watch the sun go down! The benefits go a lot further than just appreciating the natural beauty or getting the perfect shot for Instagram.