MARCH 20, 2022

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring!

Ah spring, we’ve been waiting for you. Now that it’s a new season, we’re embracing it with new foods, new self-care ideas and music to inspire us. Here are some of our spring picks!


Rethinking Salads for Spring

As we head toward spring the sun is still at a relatively low angle, making sunglasses very necessary if you’re driving or out walking. You’ll notice this most around golden hour, which is the first hour after sunrise and the last hour of light before sunset. The sun at that angle can be blinding. Beyond being stylish, our high quality lenses lower glare and protect your eyes from the UV rays

Dedicate Your Bathroom as a Zen Zone

Everyone seems to be talking about spring cleaning right now, but let’s face it, you need to relax. If you need a respite from your to-do list, make some time to unwind in your bathroom. There are a few upgrades you can make to transform it into a zen zone. We have new shower curtains and bath linens for spring. Don’t forget one of our new spa candles to transport you from the day to day, especially if you like baths.

Try a Walking Mediation

After what felt like months of being indoors, we’re ready to head outdoors. It’s fun to create a loungy outdoor living room vibe by adding in pillows and throws or getting creative with table settings. Whether you’re heading outside to relax, read or host a simple gathering with family or friends, we’ve got lots of items to create a homey environment outside for you to enjoy.

Turn up the Volume on Spring

Music is scientifically proven to elevate the mood, inspire creativity and set the tone for something new. Cue the spring music! Right now we’re moving and grooving to the Spring Feels playlist on Spotify.