MAY 15, 2022

ED on Instagram

Interior designers and home décor experts love using our rugs, lighting and tabletop to adorn different parts of their home or to create a mood. Here are a few images from Instagrammers we love, featuring ED by Ellen. We asked them why they chose the items they did or how it adds to their space!

Jana and Andrew

“When designing the home, we were drawn to the Oakdell because we loved the understated neutrals woven throughout the rug. The black edge stitching and corner tassels also added distinctive character to the piece.”

This beautiful A-frame home was created by Jana and Andrew as a place to unwind, nourish the soul, and build memories. It was designed for friends and family to be an experience; for indulging in a state of serenity and a deep connection with nature.


“The throw blankets are so soft and the colors and textures add a warm feeling to any room! The gorgeous bedding sets and sheets are soft and neutral, adding a cozy classic feel to any bedroom. Ed by Ellen also offers great accent pieces, like the Ferrelli table lamp, making it easy and flawless to design a room.”

Stephanie loves a cozy and effortless vintage vibe. She styled her bedroom with our quilt, some pillows and a throw; completing the look with the Ferrelli table lamp.


"Loving to entertain means I’m constantly planning ways to create a beautiful table as well as a warm and inviting atmosphere. Guests and food are obviously key elements, but what ties every event together is the table. I love ED by Ellen because of the versatility of the designs. I can mix and match for an effortlessly chic design or go with one consistent look. I take as much pride in my tablescapes before my guests arrive as I do at the end of the gathering; ED by Ellen makes every meal a celebration.”

Entrepreneur Monica Ferguson founded Blind Date Syrup, a 100% organic and natural sweetener that is vegan, keto and paleo friendly. When she’s not making life sweeter, she loves to entertain and her go-to is ED by Ellen tabletop.


“When ED first launched in 2015 I got this amazing wool blanket and within two weeks our dog took it over. One day he went onto the couch, sunk his teeth into it and dragged it to his bed. Seven years later, it’s still in his bed. Over the years we’ve gotten many throw pillows, which Kelly usually perches on. He’s never met an ED by Ellen product that he didn’t want to make his own.”

Doug is a Los Angeles based life coach and content creator who loves anchoring his home design with our rugs, throws and pillows from Loloi. But there’s someone in his home who loves the product more than him; his 10 year old beagle, Kelly.