MARCH 7, 2021

Self Care Sunday

If you’re feeling a little blah and unmotivated, it’s not just you. This month is the 1-year mark that most of us have been social distancing during a global pandemic and you’ve most likely experienced a whole range of emotional ups and downs. We have a few self-care ideas to help you relax or up your energy to ease into spring.


Studies show that even a few minutes of meditation calms the mind, energizes you and lowers hormones like cortisol that make you feel stressed. It also builds resilience to deal with the ebbs and flows of life. We love the Melissa Wood Health Method, which offers both body sculpting classes that are low impact and short guided meditations that are perfect for beginners. Melissa’s philosophy is that it’s not about building your body, it’s about building your relationship with your body. Meditation helps with that. She offers a free 7 day trial.

A Spot of Tea in your Bathtub

Mixing up tea and putting it in your bathwater is the new bubble bath. A relaxing soak in the tub not only destresses you, but it can be energizing. Especially if you add some tea. The benefits of tea in the water you soak are as good as sipping it. Our friends at Better Homes and Gardens have some ideas and recipes to create a tea infused bath experience.

Upgrade Your Bathroom Environment

Something as simple as a new bathmat, towels or a candle can completely remake your bathroom environment. Think of it as a zen zone, where you can go to escape the rest of the four walls of your house (and people you may live among). See our new bath collection.

Curb Sweets

A lot of us around the office have relied too heavily on sweets in the last year to pass the time at home or while binge watching. It’s taken a toll on our mood (sugar hangovers are a thing) and we’re looking to cut back. This People Magazine article is a must read if you’re feeling sluggish from too much sugar. Colleen Webb, a registered dietitian and nutritionist who specializes in digestive health, has tons of tips on how to cut back without cravings. PS – dark chocolate is on the OK list.

Adopt a Pet to Add Some Joy to Your Home

Does it seem like everyone you know got a pet during the pandemic? Termed "pandemic puppies" or "pandemic pets" many people opted to welcome a new family member into their home via fostering or adoption. Having a new animal to take care of brings a new sense of purpose, passes time (which we have plenty), and makes life more fun. It also helped out shelters that were overwhelmed and understaffed during the pandemic. It's a win-win. Guess what, we got a pandemic puppy too! Say hello to Lulu, our new officemate.

Considering getting a new pet, this article tells you what to expect and where to go:

A Workshop to Raise Your Energy

Life Coach Doug Marshall is all about doing simple things to shift your energy to release emotions that don’t serve you. If you’re feeling stir crazy right now, he calls this month “March Madness” because we’re still in winter and not in spring and people are “over it”. He’s teaching a Mindfulness to Cure March Madness online workshop on Saturday March 20th which will help you release stagnant energy and welcome in new energy as we head into spring.