JULY 03, 2022

Holiday Weekend At Home

A long weekend is good for so many things – traveling, spending time at the beach or entertaining. We think it’s also great for taking time to update and upgrade some things in the home. Whether it’s a DIY project, adding a new rug or switching up lighting, here are a few ideas to spruce up your home.

IMAGE CREDIT: @J.gagetucker

In the Bathroom

Ellen believes the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. It’s where we spend a lot of our waking time – whether getting ready for the day, relaxing to escape the rest of the household or prepping for bed. A bathroom should be well lit, well organized, practical and visually appealing. For that, we have the ED Ellen DeGeneres Bath Collection and with our Weekend Remodel Sale through July 11, you can make some upgrades.

In the Living Room

Furniture, artwork and lighting in a living room or family room are essential, but it’s the rug that brings it all together. A darker color rug can ground the space and tie the furniture together. A lighter rug can open up the room and make it feel more spacious. A patterned rug or one with contrasting colors adds personality and character. Then you can work in pillows and throws that compliment it all. Right now we have our 20% off home sale to help you make some changes.

In the Bedroom

There’s nothing like new bedding, switching up a rug or trying new lighting in a bedroom to completely renew the space. We love making the bed an island destination by anchoring it with a rug underneath. Lighter sheets, duvet cover and pillows lift the mood of a room, especially in the summer. Also, make some space on your nightstand by installing bedside wall sconces.

In the Dining Room

Whether you're throwing a dinner party or just dining with family at home, it's a nice treat to dress up your table with new linens or plates. It makes a meal feel more special and intentional. From kitchenware to serveware or placemats, we have many options to give your tabletop an elegant touch.

IMAGE CREDIT: Leanna Creel