SEPTEMBER 25, 2022

Fall Table Settings

As the days get shorter and the nights get cooler, we’re looking forward to sweater weather and some fall comfort food. Think apple pies or things made with various squashes in bright colors. With the change of the season, our table settings change too, to feel more grounded in autumn. We asked three design and entertaining experts their top tips to help you make the most of your fall table settings.

The Table Setting Sets the Tone

Gina is a decor, DIY and entertaining expert; the tablescapes she creates are the ones you want to be sitting at. She begins her table settings with a neutral pallet and from there you can build on it. “Minimal dinnerware and serving pieces are a great foundation for any tablescape. Anything you put with them goes, no matter the season or occasion!"

Here she mixed and matched our Taupe Stripe collection with her own placemats and linens among vintage glasses, simple flowers and elegant candles. She doesn’t overload the table so the food can be the standout. “Add in different textures and layers for interest, while allowing the colors of food to bring everything to life".

A Table Set for Fall

Jackie is a foodie who loves creating recipes and is also very passionate about flowers, as her Instagram handle @justbloomed would suggest. Layers and texture are important in a table setting and she warns never to overload with color. “Keeping it simple is the key. Never use more than three colors is my motto.”

For her autumnal themed table she mixed dahlias with fall fruits throughout the table, strategically placed on our Gramercy Stripe table runner. She likes the simplicity of our white brushed glaze dinnerware to create a clean pallet for the food. We like her apple pie!


Fall also happens in Los Angeles

"One of the myths about Los Angeles is that it’s summer all the time,” remarked Sarah, an LA based home design expert -- originally from the East Coast. While she can still dine outside on her terrace year-round, she likes to keep an ED throw handy for cooler nights and lines her cozy bench with our pillows. “Don’t let the palm trees fool you, we actually do have a fall here. Leaves drop off some trees and we indulge in as much pumpkin spice as New Englanders.”

For fall table settings she opts for some of our animal adorned placemats, napkins and coasters because it feels more country and woodsy, which is perfect for fall, and the natural colors fit with the landscape around her home!


Take table Décor a step further

Our friends at Southern Living have many great ideas for fall table settings, including DIY flower with pumpkins and gourds. A sure way to make the most of fall splendor in your centerpieces!