OCTOBER 16, 2022

Pets at Home

Everyone has a favorite spot in their home and there’s a reason why. We call this a point of interest and it’s often punctuated by a design element that makes it appealing, captivating or cozy – like a rug, light fixture or color scheme. We asked a few friends of ED about a point of interest in their homes!

An Inviting Entryway

Karen Emile (@milkandhoneylife) has an entryway that gives a warm welcome. Curating a foyer or entrance hall really allows someone to feel at home when they walk through your door. The The Brea Macramé Fringe Rug says, “You’re home!”

“This rug instantly caught my eye for the natural, beautiful design, color and the fact that it was wool! It was amplifying such a cozy feel -- I knew immediately it would work within my space! The entrance to your home speaks volumes about what is yet to come and this rug immediately greets with a passionate welcome.”Karen Emile

A Perfectly Grounded Living Room

Ellen Reid used a deeper toned Villa rug among her bright white walls and white sofa for a beautiful contrast. What we truly love is the wood neatly stacked, bringing the outdoors inside and that elegant painting is actually a TV. This room is seamlessly grounded.

“The Villa rug completed our space with effortless style and gave it the warm, cozy elevated look we were going for. It’s modern, yet inviting, and the perfect addition to our living space.”Ellen Reid


An Intentional Lighting Scheme in the Kitchen

It’s common to see pendant lighting over a kitchen island – but a chandelier really upgrades the look. Micah Abbananto added the Brianna chandelier over this island which creates a stunning wow factor. We also love the Joan mini pendants over side counters, making this stylish kitchen a prime destination in the house.

“I design with the purpose to make every space an extension of the client’s soul. Timeless with an edge is my style and what I’m known for. Discovering unique items such as this Brianna chandelier by ED Ellen DeGeneres create that exact look and feel!” - Micah Abbananto

Townhouse Dining

Doug Marshall’s favorite room in his Los Angeles townhouse is the dining room – which happens to be outside. We love that he fashioned this outdoor extension of his home with indoor dining room furniture.

“When we moved to Los Angeles our oversized reclaimed teak dining table didn’t fit in the dining room and since the weather is mostly nice, we put it outside in the garden. We love to throw dinner parties and even though the table is outside, I set it with ED table linens and dishes as if it’s a formal indoor dining room. The personality of the table top collection fosters intimacy at the table.”Doug Marshall