OCTOBER 23, 2022

Highpoint Market

This week we went to High Point Market in North Carolina to preview what’s new and up and coming from the ED Ellen DeGeneres Home Collection. This included our furniture collection crafted by EJ Victor in new fabrics and finishes, our recently launched wallpaper collaboration with Chasing Paper and a first look at the Found Art collection that will be available soon. We also gave a glimpse of some new rugs + pillows from Loloi and new lighting fixtures from Generation Lighting. Here's a look inside the ED showroom at one of the largest furniture shows to give you an exclusive sneak peek.

The Claiborne Chair, Dorane Daybed, Mina Etagere, Tarrant Desk and Floral Tie Die Wallpaper

In the town of Page, Arizona lies Glen Canyon where you can find Horseshoe bend – a section of the canyon shaped like a horseshoe where the Colorado river runs through. It’s truly unique in that there are practically no guard rails, so you can get unobstructed views while feeling at one with nature. If you’re afraid of heights, you probably don’t want to get close to the edge or look over it. If you hang out here, you can feel the energy and as the light of the day changes, so do all the colors. A mix of deep blue, brown, red, orange and clay surround you.

Lillie Sofa and Chair with Creston Coffee Table, Indo Table Lamp, Dunne Pendant and Oakdell Rug

Janlor Dining Table, Trostad and Uhlrich Dining Chairs, Lor Buffet, Lune Chandelier, Moreno Border rug

Mina Etagere, Dorane Daybed, Jane Wall Sconces

The Perkins Sofa, Hill Chair, Mildas chair, Salina Coffee Table, Mina Etagere, Redondo Rug

Pales Sofa, Bera Chair, Bendall Coffee table (regular and with inset top), Mammoth Stool, Burbank Rug