APR 4, 2021

Lulu's Picks

There’s a new face around the ED office. It’s Lulu, our adorable six-month old pug who recently became part of the ED family. She’s got an eye for detail and her paws are on the pulse of what’s stylish. Here are some of Lulu’s top ED picks.

Hostile Takeover

If you have pets, you probably know they eventually take over the whole house. And we let them because they are so cute. In particular, they love perching on throw pillows – and tearing them to shreds. For that, we have many. Here are a couple of Lulu’s favorites.


Throw Them a Blanket

If there’s a throw blanket around, a furry friend will make it their own. Often fashioning it into a bed of sorts or to get cozy. Lulu is cozying up in our new pinstripe natural blanket.

Walk This Way

Why walk when you can be carried. Our pet carrier is Lulu’s preferred transport mode for her commute to the office.

The Pet Friendly Human Bed

It doesn’t matter how many pet beds you get your furry friends, they really just want to sleep with you. Lulu prefers sheets with a canine flair in a human’s bed. She’s currently lounging on the Augie and Friends sheet set.

A Place of Their Own

All a pet really wants is love, affection and attention. When they are not begging for food, a walk or play time, they want a spot of their own. A pet bed is the best way to say, “This is your zen zone”. Lulu loves her ED pet bed and she knows it’s hers because she’s certified cute.