NOVEMBER 06, 2022

Daylight Savings

Daylight is slowly dwindling away as we head toward the winter equinox and most of us turned out clocks back one hour last night to mark the end of Daylight Savings Time. Yes, it's darker and the air is getting crisp, so we have a few ways to embrace autumn and turn a little darkness into light.

Embracing Autumn's colors for your Decor

When there's less daylight we want to gravitate toward getting warm and cozy and feeling grounded. With that, interior designers also recommend shifting your decor to match the seasonal mood. That could be a rug in a deeper rust tone, some throws in reds and browns or a couple pillows in darker hues to create a warm and romantic vibe.

A touch of light

Our Enoki table lamp in milk glass is a stylish art form that gives off a warm soft glow. It's perfect for ambient lighting après sunset.

Make the most of sleep

Changes in time, weather or seasons can impact your sleep. You can offset that by improving your sleep habits. Sleep studies show that you can optimize rest by putting clean linens on your bed (so go wash your bedding right now or treat yourself to some new sheets). Experts say new bedding that you love increases your willingness to get into bed.

Some comfort food to warm the soul

Now that fall is here and the temperatures are going down, you might want to warm up with hot foods like chili or butternut squash soup. Here's one of our favorite chili recipes from our friend Nora Taylor from @nora_cooks_vegan_. Get excited about trying new recipes with some new dishes, serving platters and cutting boards!

Light up the night

As the days get shorter, our candles provide warm light as they scent the air, creating a romantic and relaxing vibe. As the holidays are upon us, they also make great host gifts!