DECEMBER 4, 2022

Holiday Traditions

The holidays are often synonymous with traditions; ones passed on through families or ones started on your own that have some meaning to you. We asked a few of our friends of ED what traditions they return to during the holidays and their favorite ED by Ellen finds!

Eddie Ross - Interior designer, stylist and TV personality

"My partner Jaithan and I do our Boxing Day party on the 26th of December. It's an open house and we gather everyone together that’s home for the holidays. It’s always super fun, lasting all afternoon and often into the night! I always serve a big punch bowl of homemade eggnog, beef Wellington and my baked ham with a yummy Coca-Cola glaze. Nobody ever believes me that Coke is in the glaze."

Eddie has a knack for mixing and old and new, which is why he chose the more modern Mar Vista rug from Loloi to contrast with his vast antique furniture collection.

Sarah Tallman - Interior design expert

“As soon as December hits, the Johnny Mathis Christmas special comes on, the garland comes out, and it’s time to start making my grandmother’s famous recipe for Scrabble (basically a glorified Chex mix).

Sarah loves incorporating an element of design into food for entertaining and is best known for her grazing boards. She loves displaying on our cutting boards and serving on our brushed glazed plates from Royal Doulton.

Jen Kaine – French Tutor and Clean Beauty Enthusiast

“As a family we make a list of predictions for the following year and put it away in my husband’s stocking for the year. We read through our list as soon as we bring up the tree decorations. It’s the first thing we do when we start decorating the tree. My girls are 19 and 21 and they ask all season when are we doing our predictions?”

Jen has two coffee loving dogs who have a penchant for drinking right out of our mugs!

Doug Marshall – Life Coach + Content Creator

“New Year’s Eve is always spent on the couch! Many years ago, my husband and I swore off going out for New Year’s. We stay in, cook comfort food and binge watch a series of the moment. At home with our pup is where we want to be.”

To set a mood at home he lights our candles – his favorites are Incense Clove because the house smells like the holidays. His beagle loves our Love Heart pet bed when he's not holding court on our Loloi pillows.